Set Apart Leader Kit and Video Series

Set Apart Leader Kit and Video Series
Series: Set Apart
Genres: All Products, Bible Studies, Video Series
Length: 6 weeks

Jennifer teaches each of the 6 sessions. Each teaching segment is 15 minutes. Other helps for leaders and a music video included.

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About the Book

The leader’s kit for Set Apart includes:

  • 1 student book
  • DVD series: Jennifer Kennedy Dean teaches the series in 15-minute segments
  • A Q&A session with Jennifer Kennedy Dean based on the series, taped with a live audience
  • A Leader’s Guide.
  • A guide for how to use the series in other settings, like a weekend retreat or as a less intensive series in a Wednesday night or Sunday evening.
  • A theme song with lyrics by Jennifer Kennedy Dean and Roxanne Lingle
      • Music video of the song featuring Roxanne Lingle. The video has the lyrics on the screen so that it is useful for group singing.

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