Conversations With the Most High

Conversations With the Most High
Series: 365 Days
Genres: All Products, Books, Devotional Books
Length: 365 days
ASIN: 1596693932

365 days of intimate conversations with your heavenly Father, who is the Most High God. Short, powerful meditations that will usher your heart into His presence.

" This book grows out of my lifelong pursuit to hear the Eternal Word speak His eternal words in my present moment. I love to know that the words of Scripture are the vehicles through which He hand delivers His personal message into my heart. That they go far beyond imparting information; they produce transformation. I do not claim to be taking dictation from God, or hearing
what others do not. Instead, this is the way God reveals Himself to me. The words of Scripture sit and ferment in my heart and come back to me in silent moments, spoken in words that touch
me in a present and personal way." -- Jennifer Kennedy Dean

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About the Book

Reverent, beautifully written, profound. Jennifer has a way of putting big truths into a few words that sit in the heart and breathe life.

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