Clothed With Power (interactive workbook)

Clothed With Power (interactive workbook)
Series: Clothed With Power
Genres: All Products, Bible Studies
Length: 6 weeks
ASIN: 1596693738

When it comes to clothing ourselves with the Spirit, one size does not fit all! Exploring how the Holy Spirit is at work in our lives, Dean’s 6-week interactive study uses the symbolism of the Old Testament priests’ garments to show how the Spirit’s customized indwelling enhances our best features and diminishes our weaknesses.

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A six week interactive Bible study with video series available.


Clothed with Power takes the reverence and relevance of the Old Testament and marries it to the New Testament.  In a brilliant unveiling of the priestly garments Jennifer illustrates the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and how he clothes us with power from on high.  With all its splendor, each priestly garment had significance; the same significance God uses today to spill passion and purpose over our lives.

Gari Meacham
Best- selling author of Spirit Hunger, founder of Truly Fed Ministries

Oh, the irony of sending a book about being “clothed” to someone who loves to shop for clothes. But Jennifer Kennedy Dean does not take us shopping through the Scriptures to find material that will fade or become a midnight snack for moths. Instead, she digs deeply–but understandably–into what it means to be clothed with power, as Jesus promised we would be. Could be. This study will show you how. And you won’t need a credit card to purchase. Joy! Joy! I love this book!

Eva Marie Everson, Award-winning author and speaker

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