Altar’d: Experience the Power of Resurrection

Altar’d: Experience the Power of Resurrection

We are created to live in an altar’d state—surrendered, yielded, free.

The noun altar is usually understood to be a place of worshipful offering. Something of value is offered up and released on the altar.

When we turn the noun altar into a verb—altar our fear, our failure, our possessiveness, our need to control—all those things that hold us captive and keep us from running the race at full throttle are released.

Through careful exposition and biblical teaching, celebrated author and prayer expert Jennifer Kennedy Dean guides readers on a 40-day exploration of the Scriptures and what it means to truly live a life dead to flesh and alive to the spirit.

Let the altar do its work in you, transforming fear to faith, worry to worship. Each time that old pattern starts asserting itself in your thoughts, overlay it with the new reality: I’m altar’d.

Jennifer is known for her imaginative reframing of eternal truth, and again she gives us a powerful revision of an ancient symbol. She first introduced us to the difference between a prayer life and a praying life, and now leads us to the power of living in an altar’d state.

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 Join Jennifer for a sample of the Atar’d message


“I always enjoy reading what Jennifer Kennedy Dean writes because it is always biblically accurate, deeply profound, and invariably inspiring. She has done it again in Altar’d. This book is filled with nuggets that will inform and change your life. I highly recommend it!”—Dr. Richard Blackaby, coauthor of Experiencing God, Revised Edition, and Spiritual Leadership


“Jennifer Kennedy Dean has written a powerful 40-day devotional book which is one of the clearest teachings on the difference between the flesh and the spirit I have ever read. You will be forever altar’d after reading this book.”—Carole Lewis, First Place 4 Health national director


“Forty days of WOW! I can count the number of books I’d like to read twice on one hand. Yet I can’t wait to give Jennifer Kennedy Dean’s Altar’d the next read. And the next. Enlightening teaching, endearing transparency, and magnificently life-changing concepts keep the wow factor revved to the max from beginning to end. I don’t think I’ll ever see altar as a noun again. It’s been totally “verbed” into a place of sweet action. Altar’d is a must-read. And a must-read again.”—Rhonda Rhea, author of How Many Lightbulbs Does It Take to Change a Person?


“Jennifer Kennedy Dean is one of our favorite guests to have on the show. Her love for Jesus and knowledge of God’s Word consistently sets the stage for powerful and life-changing dialogue. Jennifer’s new book, Altar’d: Experience the Power of Resurrection, invites readers on a journey to discover the transforming power of the risen Christ within a teachable heart. As Jennifer noted, ‘The call to crucifixion is always to make a way for resurrection.’ If you’re done with status-quo and stagnant spirituality and you’re willing to die to self that you might live more fully for Christ, take this book and take your time. Read one day at a time, let it get under your skin, in your bones, and into your heart. In due time you’ll learn the glory, the power, and the promise of Christ within you.”—Susie Larson, host of Live the Promise with Susie Larson, author of The Uncommon Woman


“The title alone is enough to grab you but the heart of the author and the passion that drives her will inspire you. Jennifer communicates profound biblical truths in a way that creates a hunger for more of the Jesus she loves. While she seeks to understand and live the altar’d life, you can’t help but want to join her. What I’ve read and learned here has challenged and encouraged me. Thank you, Jennifer.”—Jill Kelly, author of New York Times best seller” Without a Word: How a Boy’s Unspoken Love Changed Everything


“This devotional is encouraging, inspirational, and challenging. An awesome reminder that the resurrection power of Christ is available to each of us, if we’ll choose to live a life FULLY surrendered. Altar’d is a great book for anyone that wants to experience God’s power in their life and ministry.”—Matt Fry, lead pastor of C3 Church, Clayton, North Carolina

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