Living Synced Interview Part 3

Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Based on Synced by Jennifer Kennedy Dean   You say that Jesus’ disciples recognized a direct correlation between His life of power and His life of prayer. What did that prompt them to ask Him, and did they become more synced because of Jesus’ answer? A praying life is a life lived on earth in […]

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Living Synced Interview Part 2


You have published numerous books, devotionals and blogs about prayer; how is this one different from your previous writings? Since the beginning of my ministry, for several decades now, I have been learning and then teaching about the difference between a prayer life and a praying life. My foundational message has been, and continues to […]

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Living Synced Interview Part 1


Join me for the next few days in unpacking the concepts behind my new book Synced: Living Connected to the Heart of Jesus. The best way to know when a new post is added is to subscribe to the blog. What do you mean by “living synced”? On earth, Jesus lived a lived a life […]

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The Art of Prayer

synced cover

From Synced Living connected to the Heart of Jesus by Jennifer Kennedy Dean Jesus, as a rabbi, chose disciples into whom He would pour His life. Not just teach them information, but disclose His heart. These disciples observed Him in every setting. They had backstage passes to His most intimate moments. They were welcomed into […]

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