Live a God-Designed Life

The Spirit is given to us to enable us to accomplish what the Father has called us to accomplish, and to be what Jesus has provided for us to be. He is not at our command, but He is available to us every single moment that we live. He is not passive and polite, but instead He can be intrusive and demanding. Can we ignore Him? Yes. Can we grieve Him? Yes? Quench Him? Yes. Still He persistently gives chase. He clamors and wrestles and pursues because His love is stubborn and He is determined to deliver all of Jesus to us. When we accept what He is offering, we find ourselves living the life God has designed for us. Not a generic, off-the-rack life that might fit just anyone, but a Tailor-made life that fits us hand-in-glove. (Clothed With Power, Jennifer Kennedy Dean)

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