Enoch Walked With God

“Enoch walked faithfully with God… .” (Genesis 5:24)

My late husband was very tall. His stride was much longer than mine. When we walked together, I could not match his stride. He would sometimes forget and be far ahead of me, talking to me as if I were right beside him. He had to be intentional about pacing his steps so that I could walk with him instead of behind him. He had to want to walk with me.

When I read that Enoch walked with God, I used to think that told me something about Enoch, but now I realize that it tells me something about God. What amazes me is that it means that God walked with Enoch. God was willing to condescend to calibrate His stride for Enoch’s sake– to take into account Enoch’s frailty. When Almighty Eternal God took on flesh, He showed us in no uncertain terms that He would walk with us. (Life Unhindered, Jennifer Kennedy Dean)

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