Living Synced Interview Part 5

In living synced, why is it important to be in His will?

His will for your life, and in every moment or every situation, is part of a bigger plan. You can’t isolate situations and live circumstance by circumstance. God’s will is cohesive and is flowing from one event to the next. Life’s happenings are not random, but are strategically arranged and His will is tying them all together into a comprehensive whole. Living synced will put you smack-dab in the middle of what God has arranged and prepared for you. Those assignments will show up in your life without you seeking them out.

When Jesus’ assignments found Him, they were prepared and set up in advance. They didn’t come too early in His ministry, or too late. Notice how Jesus seemed to be able to speak great wisdom and depth off-the-cuff, on the spur of the moment. Don’t you think that is because He had given great thought in prayer to these things in advance? Not only are His assignments prepared for Him, but also He is prepared for His assignments.

It is the same with us. Synced to Jesus, He will never call us into a moment for which He has not prepared us, and prepared for us. Our response to His call in that moment will flow naturally. We won’t have to sweat and struggle and anguish. All the pieces come together and dovetail in an instant and we allow Him to hallow His name through us. These assignments are only occasionally big and dramatic. Usually, it is just the everyday interactions and events as we live our lives in fairly routine ways. We are always on call.

Do you think that when we say ‘Your will be done’ if we knew this was actually going to happen in our lives, we might not want to allow Him to really take complete control of our lives?

I think that if we knew the whole picture, we would embrace it every time. If we just knew a piece of the journey—if we just had a sliver of the view—we might draw back. But if we could see it all the way to the end, we could see end from beginning—have a God’s eye view—we would rush to surrender.

When you discover the great truth that prayer activates the specific will of God in a situation, the thought will be restful only if you have moved to the place of willing the will of God. Often we can have an underlying sense that God’s will is something we have to bear up under or settle for.

God’s will, we think, is difficult and oppressive. In Romans 12:2, Paul described God’s will with three words: good, pleasing, and perfect. Greek words used might be translated “beneficial,” “bringing pleasure,” and “a perfect fit.” Only when you come to know God through experience—when you have put His will to the test and have firsthand understanding that it is good—can you find rest and peace in the thought of His will being done. But the secret to experiencing God this way is that you first have to obey Him and surrender to Him in order to put His will to the test. You have to take the one step in front of you. You have to abandon the old familiar flesh-ways.


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