Faith is Our Native Air

Fueled By FaithIn the Kingdom of God, faith is our native air. “In him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). In Him we live and move and exist at our optimum. Have you ever spent time in a location where the air was different from your native air? Your lungs are acclimated to where you live. The air your lungs are accustomed to breathing has a certain mix of oxygen and nitrogen and certain pollens and a certain level of humidity. When you breathe this air, you lungs work most efficiently. If you were to go to another location, say move from a low altitude to a higher altitude, the air has less oxygen. Since it is not your native air, breathing becomes difficult. Your lungs have a harder time getting the right amount of oxygen to your cells and your energy level decreases. What is natural in your native air is difficult and strained in this alien air. Your body does not work as efficiently. Your productivity is compromised. Faith is our native air once we are born into the Kingdom of God. (Fueled by Faith, Jennifer Kennedy Dean)

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