Glory Unwrapped

From Pursuing the Christ by Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Your Gift comes in such creative wrapping.

Yesterday morning, Christmas day, beautifully
wrapped gifts were piled high around the Christmas
tree. With some of the gifts, as much thought had been
given to the wrapping of the gift as to the selection of
gift itself. Sometimes the wrapping was meant to disguise
the gift so the surprise would be all the greater. A
small gift being wrapped and hidden inside a big box.
Yesterday, the artistry of the wrappings made the
anticipation of the gifts greater. The wrappings invited
us into the gifts.

Today, the wrappings are gone and the gifts are the
main focus.

You wrapped Your gift in flesh and blood. The
wrapping was such that it invited us into the Gift. Had
You sent Your Son unwrapped, we could not have seen
Him because the brightness of His countenance would
have blinded us. Like the Israelites of old, we would
have hidden our faces from Him in fear and shame.
The angels know Him wrapped in eternal glory and
royal robes. They saw Him before He took upon Himself
the form of a servant and was made in the likeness
of men. The angels saw His triumphant return to the
glory He had before the world began, and see Him now
in His exalted form.

But we see Him in the flawless beauty of His
humanity. We see the grandeur of His Incarnation, when
He demonstrated the enormity of His love for us by
wrapping Himself in flesh and blood so that He could
destroy that which held us captive. Seeing Him, we are
blinded by His beauty to anything other than Him.
We will someday see Your indescribable Gift as the
angels see Him. I know that sight will be a different
beauty than I have ever known. But I cannot imagine
that it will be more breathtakingly beautiful to me than
the King of kings wrapped in flesh and blood for my

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